Trend Alert: Pretty Pastels

Hello everyone, I’m back with another post after a huge hiatus.  Inspiration is fleeting and I tried so hard to get it back.  As you can see from the title, I am doing my first trend alert/review.  These new upcoming trends and the New Year has inspired me to jump back into the blogging action, so let’s get it!

Pastels are one of the few new trends I have heard about and, you  know what, I’m excited for this!  I can see myself rocking the softer hues in this new season and going into spring.  Now, I am typically a dark color lady.  LOL, if you view my last post on winter knits, you’ll see the struggle was too real because I had no color variation within my winter wear.



Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Fashion Nova / Shoes: Steve Madden

The brands I have seen jumping on this more girly style are H&M and Missguided.  I personally love both of these brands and I intend to purchase from Missguided soon.  As a matter of fact, like this post to let me know if you would like to see the few items I buy and how I would style them.  Pastels are typically soft pink, muted yellow, light blue, and soft white.  Also, beautiful lilac and lavender are considered pastels as well.  I mean, imagine heavenly and colorful fields/beds of flowers (or Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume😍)!

Now, usually in February I get strong Spring vibes and I want to wear everything floral, flowing, and even wear a bright magenta lip!!  Of course at that time winter is still in full swing so I can maybe only change my makeup.  But with this pastel trend making an early comeback, we can dive into Spring and make this last stretch of Winter just a little more dreamy.



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