NDK Style

Hello everyone, my name is Niya and welcome to my blog.  This is my introductory post to help everyone get to know what this blog is about.  Here, I will be showcasing my personal style, reviewing popular fashion trends, telling you what is new, and giving advice on how to style certain pieces.  Firstly, my style very classic, chic, and minimal.  I do like trends and, therefore, I keep up with them to find what I like.  Fashion trends are everywhere and are constantly updating, so I will be reviewing certain ones here.  Lastly, we have all bought pieces for our wardrobes that we simply do not know how to style, so I will give tips and trick on how to wear and style these in various ways.  I hope everyone enjoys all of the content that is to come soon and finds it helpful.


How I do my Makeup

Hey everyone, it’s been a while but I am back. Not only am I back but I come to you all with something different from me, a makeup tutorial. I have been wanting to post this for some time but finding the motivation to post is really frustrating. I love blogging and being a part of the community and this is kind of my passion, my baby. It’s something I would like to do long-term as I love sharing these kinds of things.  And, I mean, we all have a passion, right. So in saying all that, let’s take a look at how I do my makeup.

First, I want to say that this is not my everyday look but rather something fun for a day out. Prep is important for flawless makeup so always take care of your skin first. Without skin care, makeup application won’t be so smooth, so to speak.  Now let’s get into it.


Step one:  I use e.l.f. clear brow and lash mascara to prep, well, my brows and lashes. This step is optional.

Step two: I use Colourpop no filter concealer on my eyelids as a base for my eye shadow and blend it well.  I’m in the shade medium dark 38.  After this I just set with a pressed powder so I have a smooth, flawless base to lay my eye shadow.

Step 3A: I start my eye shadow look by using the Urban Decay Naked Basic Eye shadow Palette in the shade W.O.S all over my lid.  Then I carve out my crease with the NYX HD Photo Concealer Wand in the shade Glow.

Step 3B: I finish off my eye shadow look by adding in some sparkle using Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow in Chauffeur to my outer lid and blending with my finger.  This color is gorgeous btw!  All that is left for the eyes is some mascara and next it’s time for the skin.



Step 1: Prime and conceal. I use  Laura Geller Spackle Hydrating Primer.  I then use the same colourpop concealer to conceal the under eye area.



Step 2: Foundation and Highlight.  So now I spread my foundation all over my face.  I’m using Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water in medium dark.  Next I’m taking the NYX concealer in glow to highlight the parts of my face I want to bring out.  Then I blend, blend, blend.



Step 3: Bronze, Highlight and Powder.  Now it’s time for the fun part, sculpting and highlighting.  I used Colourpop super shock cheek bronzer in poolside ( no longer available).  For highlighting the cheekbones and brow bone areas I used Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Butterfly Beach.  To set the face I used NYX HD Finishing Powder.




I lined my lips using NYX Slim Lip Pencil in brown.  Next, I applied Colourpop lippie stix in pillow talk (no longer available).







Fashion Review: Met Gala 2018 Best Dressed

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City has hosted its annual Met Gala on May 7th.  The exclusive fundraising event for the Institute is a chance for A-listers to show their attention to detail and step out of their fashion shells.  Each year, the Costume Institute reveals a theme to be followed and interpreted by celebrity guests, each of whom is handpicked to attend by Anna Wintour herself.  This year’s Met Gala theme is “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.  A-list guests showed up in an array of interesting fashion choices from various designers, most notably, Versace.  Below, I name the best of the best who did not come to play with you all on the cream-colored carpet.

While some left plenty to be desired, ahem, Kim Kardashian West, others just simply did not follow through on the given theme, i.e. couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott and model Cindy Crawford.  But, don’t worry, we always have our faves who will come through and, um, bless our hearts.  And may we please have a moment for Mr. Wakanda himself who represented in Versace for the men and proved a suit can be much more than ‘just a suit’.  Met Gala 2018 co-host, Rihanna Fenty, reformed bad gal,  showed up Vatican ready as our favorite look of the night.  Don’t you just love how she rarely disappoints?  So, here is the roundup ladies and gentlemen, Au revoir.

Xoxo ❤


Trend Alert: Pretty Pastels

Hello everyone, I’m back with another post after a huge hiatus.  Inspiration is fleeting and I tried so hard to get it back.  As you can see from the title, I am doing my first trend alert/review.  These new upcoming trends and the New Year has inspired me to jump back into the blogging action, so let’s get it!

Pastels are one of the few new trends I have heard about and, you  know what, I’m excited for this!  I can see myself rocking the softer hues in this new season and going into spring.  Now, I am typically a dark color lady.  LOL, if you view my last post on winter knits, you’ll see the struggle was too real because I had no color variation within my winter wear.



Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Fashion Nova / Shoes: Steve Madden

The brands I have seen jumping on this more girly style are H&M and Missguided.  I personally love both of these brands and I intend to purchase from Missguided soon.  As a matter of fact, like this post to let me know if you would like to see the few items I buy and how I would style them.  Pastels are typically soft pink, muted yellow, light blue, and soft white.  Also, beautiful lilac and lavender are considered pastels as well.  I mean, imagine heavenly and colorful fields/beds of flowers (or Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume😍)!

Now, usually in February I get strong Spring vibes and I want to wear everything floral, flowing, and even wear a bright magenta lip!!  Of course at that time winter is still in full swing so I can maybe only change my makeup.  But with this pastel trend making an early comeback, we can dive into Spring and make this last stretch of Winter just a little more dreamy.


Winter Knits


While it’s not yet winter, that doesn’t mean we can’t cozy up with some knitwear.  Fall is upon us and I just want to wear sweaters everyday, but I cannot.  Where I live, it’s barely Fall *face meet palm*.  I managed to dig up my small collection of knits and dust them off.  I realized that my collection is somewhat monochromatic and lacking in overall variety.  I wasn’t always the most adventurous with my style, but some personal growth has allowed me to better tune in to what I like.  So let’s get right into this.

I am definitely going to do an update on this post as I introduce more color and textures into my wardrobe.  I mean, if you look closely, you can see burgundy and a tiny bit of turquoise in there!  These sweaters, scarves, and cardigans are all pretty casual but you can dress anything up with the right shoes and accessories.  Wishing everyone a great day!







Peek into my Style

Hi everyone, today I will be showing my style in a nutshell.  On any given day, you will find me in something completely casual, cute, but casual.  I am all about being comfortable.  I love a good pair of jeans and comfy, loose-fitting tops.  As for shoes, I love flats.  I will wear any kind of flat-soled shoe, but I am picky about heels.  I have put together three outfits that I would normally wear in the Fall months.  These are perfect for me and I hope you enjoy them.

Outfit 1


This first outfit is a very typical one for me in the cooler months.  This is more monochromatic and minimal, which I love.  Where I live, Fall and Winters are mild, therefore, I can throw a light, stylish jacket over any outfit.


Jacket: Local Store / Top: Marshall’s / Jeans: Local Store / Shoes: Steve Madden

Outfit 2

This second outfit wasn’t inspired by anything that I could think of.  I’ve had all pieces of this outfit in my wardrobe for at least a year and I would have never thought to piece them together.  I guess the creative juices of being a new blogger were flowing!  Anyway, I’m not one to wear bright colors, but as you can see this is another monochromatic look.  It needed something to pop.  This pretty cardigan reminded me of fall leaves, so I had to add it on top.  I can definitely see myself wearing this to eat out or on an “out and about” day to look cute, but not overdone. P.S. these pants are so comfortable, they aren’t jeans, they’re soft knit pants!!


Cardigan: Local Store / Pants: Forever 21 / Top: Forever 21 / Shoes: Steve Madden

Outfit 3


So here is outfit no. 3.  This one has become a personal favorite of mine.  It is such a good option for occasions, such as: parties, out for dinner, bday outfit, girls night out etc.  If there is one thing I could change about this outfit, it would be the shoes.  They are a good choice seeing as nude goes with everything but I would prefer a less formal style of heel.  I think a better choice would be a ‘club heel’ in a nude or mauve hue.

This classic pencil skirt fit like a glove and paired with a white tank and topped with a zip-up moto style denim jacket made for a perfect ensemble.  Accessories should be kept simple. I opted for a gold necklace and some simple gold rings.


Jacket: Charlotte Russe / Tank Top: Cynthia Rowley via Marshall’s / Skirt: Forever 21(no longer available)

In closing, I will have lots more posts soon to come. I hope everyone enjoyed and maybe got some ideas from this.  See you soon!